RyanB plays Bryan Adams covers
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RyanB 2015

RyanB is Patrik Hansell (vocals), Peter Storbacka (drums), Thomas Åman (keyboard), Kim Vikman (guitar), Mats-Johan Ahlberg (bass). Check the Band page. RyanB performs Bryan Adams' covers and other rock songs. Check the History page.

17.05.2014  Café 13, Alaveteli
01.03.2014  Café 13, Alaveteli, RyanB acoustic  [Media]
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22.06.2014  Patrik Hansells song Over the top from the cd Shout It Out is now available on youtube. Special thanks to Tony Allen and Ekkehard Lauritzen. This video became possible because of their images from world war one 1914-1918. Check out the video here.
21.06.2014  This summer 100 years has gone since world war one started. I will publish the video Over the top to the memory of this war. The video is dedicated to all victims of war.
Kim Vikman12.05.2013  Patrik Hansell's CD 'Shout It Out' will be recorded in may at Jonas Olssons studio in Kokkola. The full CD will be out for sale in summer of 2013. Five songs were recorded last year and their sounds have been changed. The CD will include twelve songs so seven new songs will be recorded. Most of the songs are made by Patrik Hansell. Thomas ĹmanThe music in some of the songs are made together by Patrik and RyanB guitarist Kim Vikman.

Patrik Hansell 'Shout It Out'

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Have We Met Before
Those Were The Days
Over The Top
Shout It Out promo

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Can't Say Goodbye
Kids Wanna Rock
Take Me Back

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